3 Steps to the perfect pair.

AG | Fidelity Denim | Mavi Gold3 steps to the perfect pair

 1. Don’t pay attention to size

Seriously, don’t even look at it. Size can vary depending on brand, cut, the amount of stretch or the weight of the denim. If it looks good and fits well, isn’t that what matters?

Iona St. Joseph, a buzzfeed contributor, posted this after she found out that very same thing.



2. Be open-minded.

Let us be clear, you are not too old to wear skinny jeans. If you don’t feel comfortable in a particular style, we completely understand that, but the more flexible and willing you are to try, the better off you’ll be.

Maybe a super skinny jean isn’t your cup of tea, but a slim cigarette leg is a good middle ground and it might be the answer to your everyday jean questions.

The point is, we want you to try a few options. You may be surprised what you end up with.

3. Get Help.

Denim can be difficult, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

It’s like trying on a bathing suit, if you try the wrong styles, you will leave empty handed, and frustrated.

Why would you do that to yourself?

We have been selling Denim for well over 13 years and you should benefit from that experience. We’ve tried every style and we’ve seen every style on different body types.

So really, just ask us.


Good to know…

The are plenty of benefits to buying premium denim. It is going to cost a bit more and that is understandable because of a few factors.

    • Premium denim has a tighter weave therefore it will withstand more wear, and last a lot longer.
    • They are handmade. Each pair is unique because they are done individually by hand.
    • Made in the United States with North American pay and labour standards.
    • Designed with purpose, and designed to fit well.

AG – The Making of a Jean from AG Jeans on Vimeo.

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