Frequent Flyers gather ’round!

Whether you are currently thinking of escaping winter, are a frequent traveller for work or better yet a frequent traveller for pleasure (lucky you!) we have some ideas to assist you in your journey.

1. Be TSA friendly

First things first, before you even get on a plane you have the always enchanting airport security. “Take out your electronics, Take off your shoes, Take off your belt, Take off your pants, provide a blood sample” … ok maybe not the last two but we brush the rest off as part of the process and if it keeps us safe we’re happy to oblige.

Well we’ve just learned that our trusty Flatter Me Belts do not set off airport security. So go ahead and leave that belt on ladies. The buckles are a recycled metal composite — it’s an environmental choice, but it also means there isn’t enough of any single metal to set off detectors.

2. Perfect plane attire

“What do I bring on my trip?” – This is a very important question that requires some thought and planning, but so is “What am I going to wear on the plane?” I always experience a multitude of temperature fluctuations so layering is key, as well as breathable fabrics.

Our favourite brand for layering pieces is C’est Moi. Their bamboo cotton tanks and leggings are so comfortable and very breathable. They are the perfect plane pieces (say that 3 times fast).
These breathable fabrics are also great in hot destinations and the 3/4 Length leggings are perfect for underneath flowing tunics.

3. Wrinkle free fabrics

We all want to make the most of the space in our suitcases so we tend to roll up and jam as much as we can. We love Lisette L pants for their wrinkle free nature, it means we can cram a few more pairs in.

They are fabulous in the warmer climates as well because they don’t hold in the heat. If you’re travelling somewhere to see historical religious sights, you will likely need to have your knees covered – these pants are perfect!

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