The Lisette L Montreal Event


Our best selling brand and the woman behind it.

Lisette L Montreal has been one of our top selling brands for as many years as we’ve been carrying it. The reason why is simple, it’s in the fit. The brand’s namesake Lisette Limoges (and also it’s creative director) speaks to the company’s origins stemming from just that.

“The origin of Lisette L Montreal came from my desire to create a fashion line for women where the fit came first. Of course we wanted to make sure we were creating styles that were on-trend, but we wanted pants that fit right”


Lisette L Montreal gains a famous fan or two

Making pants that fit right and look great has attracted a lot of loyal followers, including one, Oprah Winfrey. In 2014 she wore a pair of Lisette’s pants on the cover of ‘O’ three separate times, calling them the most comfortable pants she’s ever worn. Well, you can imagine the effect this had on business. After joining Oprah on her ‘The life you want tour’, sales increased 900 percent and the company grew from 5 to 65.


While Oprah no doubt had an affect on the brand’s popularity, she wasn’t the first celebrity influencer. Prior to Oprah, Kathy Lee Gifford held up a pair of Lisette pants on her show and claimed ‘they fit like a dream’.

We had no idea she was going to do that. Our website was flooded with so many people trying to place orders that it crashed” says Lisette.

From that first Kathy inspired frenzy, this Canadian company has come a long way. They may even be seen on a US President in the future, as one of the candidates reportedly owns a pair.

Meet, Drink and Feel the fit

Lisette achieved her goal of leaving no body behind and as a result women of all ages flock to her brand. Check out the entire line and meet Lisette in person on October 13th from 4pm to 8pm at our Westview location. Grab a glass of wine, try on the styles you love (in prints we don’t normally carry), find a new fave or ask her what Oprah is like in person.



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