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Personal Shopping & Girls Night Out


Get spoiled while we do all the work and you have all the fun! This in-store shopping session includes a Get Dressed stylist who will not only search the racks for your perfect wardrobe, but will also show you how to wear it.

We offer this service to all of our customers, however if it is extremely busy our attention might be split between you and another customer. Call ahead to find out ideal times for 1 on 1 service or book an after hours appointment.

After hours price: $100
Available on weekdays before opening or after closing upon request and subject to availability.

private shopping vancouver


A Get Dressed Girls’ night out is hosted by two Get Dressed stylists – your own personal shoppers! Our stylists are always making suggestions that surprise our customers so you may end up with something unexpected and delightful and you know your girlfriends won’t hold back their opinion.

The best part is, since it is just you and your girlfriends, a spontaneous dance party in the change room is basically inevitable and actually encouraged.

Ideal size is 4 people – Max is 6
(4 fitting rooms in store – the experience is better when you have your own room)
Must be booked in advance - $100 Booking Fee